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Wellbeing and technology: evolutions in higher education

By Asomi College of Sciences
Considering the ongoing developments in modern technology and the automation of several traditional jobs which used to be made by bare human labour, the increase for a degree in higher education is growing. This raises the concurrence among higher education institutes that now must concentrate on student wellbeing while staying focused also on social justice and the clearing process.

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As the competition between universities and colleges intensifies, more and more universities offer innovative services for keeping their students loyal. Large numbers of students are enrolled at short notice during the clearing progress, which might endanger the student experience. Universities and colleges worldwide make it all to make the student experience remain high standards to make their institute emerge between thousands of other similar institutes providing higher education. This also makes the clearing process progress that is no more useful only for job providers or profitable for students with grades lower than average. Clearing, nowadays, also provides opportunities for students who otherwise would not have had one, and it demonstrates the flexibility of universities and colleges and their competence. Ensuring students stay loyal is now a number one priority for universities and colleges, but, besides clearing, there is more to be taken into consideration.

Every college and university rates the applications of their future students in a different way. Since these ratings differ from one institute to another, it is not easy or even equal for everyone; for instance, students with grades lower than average or the ones with convictions often meet difficulties while applying. Students like this are difficult to evaluate when it comes to enrolling. That is why it would be better to begin from an evaluation system with common criteria for all students – a grid used in higher education institutes worldwide. Moreover, there should be a common and easy-to-access system for controlling students’ credentials. Colleges and high schools often receive many applications that are not easy to manage all together; therefore, a database controlling the validity of credentials would make the job easier and cheaper. Databases and common evaluation systems would assure equal rights for everyone for pursuing a degree in higher education.

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Nowadays, higher education institutions must offer a series of services for their wellbeing for the sake of being students’ first choice. It is not easy for students to live independently while managing their relations with professors, other school and dormmates, respecting deadlines, carrying on projects and studying altogether. The use of educational technology could be of support for students in solving these issues; for instance, digital school applications, programs, or websites. Besides, mental support, for instance, video calls for psychological counselling, could be an option. Moreover, colleges and universities must assist students throughout their entire career or, in other words, until the “learners” retire. Since adaptation skills are highly appreciated, one has to continue learning throughout their lifetime. Therefore, higher education institutes must tutor their students even after their first official graduation — similar support, including job-orientation programs for this kind of tutoring.

ACS Asomi College of Sciences evaluates every application in a detailed way and offers a series of technological services for providing help and for the overall tutoring of their students. Moreover, it keeps the number of students at a reasonable rate so that everyone can get the best out of their college experience!

Currently, universities all over the world are combating to engage students in different ways. It is not just about attracting young people; now, higher education institutes have to offer different kinds of services that go from student wellbeing to rethinking their applications evaluation system.

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