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New Partnership between ASOMI College of Sciences and the Bioarte Institute

By Asomi College of Sciences

One of the main objectives of ASOMI College of Sciences is that of collaborating with partners engaged in innovative projects that have at heart the values of higher education and thus, the College. Therefore, ACS stipulated a contract with BIO ARTE of Malta, a research institute, and a higher education institution. BIO ARTE is specialized in biomolecular research and plays a significant role in Microbiota.

The founders of BIO ARTE

The company was founded by Dr. Manuele Biazzo and Christian Duchow. An international researcher, dr. Manuele Biazzo is the author of several scientific publications, including Science, and has work experience as a general manager. Christian Duchow is a German entrepreneur, an international investor, and the owner of a corporation operating in the biotechnological field.

Dr. Biazzo has carried out several scientific projects collaborating with Italian universities such as La Sapienza of Roma or the University of Siena, including one of the biggest pediatric centers, the Bambino Gesù Hospital, with which an important research project is currently at hand. Apart from all different research projects, including the Microbiota one, BIO ARTE is also conducting laboratory analysis. Indeed, BIO ARTE is engaged with the Covid-19 pandemic, providing support to healthcare facilities.

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The partnership between ACS and BIO ARTE

The partnership between ASOMI college of Sciences and BIO ARTE will lead to synergic academic courses with a high scientific value. These courses are aimed at providing programs in line with the trends of a quickly evolving and high-demanding market and at training and updating professionals in medical and biotechnological fields. Therefore, this kind of study program has to include contents aligned with both: the evolution of scientific progress as well as the most recent discoveries.

The collaboration between two higher education institutes foresees new research possibilities that are essential for the creation of research projects, as well as new formulations of services on the European market. Besides, this cooperation consists in the opening of brand-new degree courses having faculty of excellence from prestigious Italian and international universities.

New degree courses

As the scientific community’s awareness of the importance of the Microbiome and its effects on the health of human beings is growing, healthcare professionals need always more and more knowledge and skills in their field. Therefore, founding a study course uniting last-generation theoretical knowledge and clinical abilities is fundamental to provide the final result at disposal of everyone’s health.

Students will also be able to attend training in the BIO ARTE center, located in the innovative LIFE SCIENCE PARK structure in Malta.

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