Innovation and Technology

ACS – Asomi College of Sciences has developed numerous partnerships and collaborations in innovation, technology and research. We consider it a priority for our College to structure educational programs that prepare our students to become professionals with immediately marketable solid skills and knowledge.

However, these methodologies require constant analysis of trends and the need for innovation in specific areas and niches. All this is possible at ACS due to its intense commitment in developing a network of leading companies and constant exchange with valuable stakeholders.

ACS College is developing a wide range of Degree programs characterised by an innovative vision that meets the needs of the market and provides its students with effective tools and a pragmatic working methodology capable of delivering concrete results.

Respect for the environment, the achievement of the objectives of the European Green Deal and of the European Plan for the Circular Economy pretend the application of innovative technologies, especially in the island dimension, this strategy is a priority for ACS Asomi College of Sciences.

MBA Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


The MBA Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies provides an up-to-date overview of blockchain technologies, covering their applications across multiple sectors, and exploring their dynamics with regard to critical aspects such as development needs, regulations, investments, marketing and real-life applications. The aim of this programme is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how blockchain functions today, alongside an appreciation of the infrastructure and requirements that underpin it.

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