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Research and innovation for the european green deal

By Asomi College of Sciences
Modernizing the society and the economy of the European Union is one of the main goals of the European Green Deal. The goal of the European green deal is to make Europe climate neutral within 2050.

To do that, the European Union will face environmental degradation challenges through research and innovation. The green agreement aims to bring about a fundamental transformation of the societies and economies of Europe. It promotes a clean and circular economy, biodiversity growth, the lowering of pollution, and research and innovation from the green perspective. It is a societal transitiontowards a greener Europe to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

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Horizon Europe

For this reason, the European Commission founded a research program related to the green deal called Horizon Europe. It had dedicated calls for proposals in 2020, and it was closed at the beginning of 2021. Many research proposals arrived at the European Commission, which is proof that people want to bring about a change to find solutions for imminent global warming and environmental issues.

Research and innovation are part of this deal, and they will accelerate the process, deploy and de-risk solutions, engage citizens in the initiative. The green deal call has been put in the act and funded, but the European Union, though it is now closed, it has received more than a thousand and five hundred proposals.

Horizon Europe is the new research program started in 2021. Thanks to the research made during this program, its governance and instruments will make changes in reaching climate neutrality and ensuring inclusivity in ecological and economic means. Together with other European Union programs, it will leverage national public and private investment.

New technologies and innovative solutions committed to climate objectives

The Green Deal will develop new technologies and innovative solutions in collaboration with other programs. Moreover, these new solutions will be spread across Europe as well as the rest of the world. More than 35% of Horizon Europe will be committed to climate objectives.

Research and innovationpartnerships will be at the core of Horizon Europe. Partnerships will help construct the innovation and research that the European Union needs to succeed in the Horizon Europe program. These partnerships will moreover ameliorate the European community, society, economy and – above all – environment.

The four areas of the Horizon Europe program

The green missions of Horizon Europe are aimed at mobilizing innovation and research, delivering impact, catalyzing action, producing European goods, and demonstrating solutions. They capture citizens’ attention and inspire them to be more environmentally friendly and aware of the dangers of climate change. 

In the Horizon Europe program, there are four areas directly supporting the European green deal: 

  • Climate-neutral and smart cities,
  • Soil health food
  • Adaptation to climatechange
  • Healthy waters (oceans, coastal and inland waters and seas) 

Careful assessment, (re)design and analysis of the existing legislation is necessary for proper delivery of the European Green Deal. New ideas have to be left the room to grow within the legislations of European countries to be put into action.

Europe’s green deal foresees the de-carbonization of the energy sector and the investments in green energies. As the projects go on, also citizens will be involved. The latter will be encouraged to talk and participate in different environmental activities. The citizens will be moreover invited to attend conferences to discuss the focus of the mission. The citizens are also invited to discuss and raise awareness about climate change on their social media accounts.  

ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences deals with both environmentalissues and research and innovation projects. It will stay updated on the following steps to take to be engaged with the climate-related actions of the European Union

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