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Why choose an abroad study experience

By Asomi College of Sciences

The main benefits of an abroad experience are, without a doubt, connected to the linguistic skills and that candidates having at least one abroad experience are more evaluated by employers. The foreign experience at hand can vary from volunteering to a study or even a work year abroad. Whatever its nature, an abroad adventure improves one’s soft and hard skills – essential elements in real and professional life

Types of abroad experience

First of all, there are different forms such as gap year, volunteering abroad, university trip or just a year abroad. A gap year is something more common in Europe and less in the States, but it is a year off from one’s studies. It is, of course, preferable that the young adult would do something during this year as volunteering or a road trip visiting different places. Another possibility is the above mentioned volunteering one. Volunteering does not mean that the experience is not evaluated – on the contrary! It is an evaluable experience, and if one feels it, then they should do it abroad. University trips or even studying a year or more abroad is undoubtedly one of the best experiences higher education institutions have to offer. They enrich you not only from the educational point of view but also from cultural and linguistic ones. They moreover improve your soft skills and teach you to be independent and to solve problems correctly. 

How to choose the right abroad experience

Linguistic and cultural features, indeed, represent the key factors in choosing a university abroad. Of course, if one is studying a language, then a complete immersion in this linguistic sphere is the best way to approach the language at hand. Besides, language courses are usually integrated, and not all universities or colleges abroad expect international students to be fluent in their tongues. Additionally speaking, if one is not studying any peculiar language, the cultural factors might determine their choice of the country where they will learn. Besides, another factor based on which to decide is the experience itself. If one is looking for a peculiar sector and knows that the foreign country, they choose to study in is known for that sector, it is a winning situation. The same goes for the overall experience; the country’s affordability, distance, weather, or other similar factors might seem secondary but are still crucial in deciding where to go. 


The benefits of abroad experiences

In these times, an abroad experience is not anymore just something nice to have. For instance, the globality and blending of several cultures and populations are becoming more and more widespread. Moreover, the current work scenario is changing rapidly, and employers prefer candidates who have demonstrated the ability to adapt themselves to quick and extreme changes in the surrounding environment. That is why employers much appreciate this type of experience. An abroad experience, whether of work, study or volunteering – provides young adults with a set of valuable soft skills. For instance, an overseas experience forges adaptivity, linguistic, cultural and independence skills. Employers look for people who can handle it outside of their comfort zone and who are easily adaptive

Networking and chances offered by ASOMI College of Sciences

Learning a new language, knowing new cultures, and international travelling are just some of the positive sides of an abroad practice. But there is much more, for instance, enhancing one’s education and getting new ideas are just some of the positive features of an abroad experience. Moreover, making new friends and international networking are features that might come in handy once the abroad experience itself is over. It also provides young adults with soft skills such as, independence, open-mindedness, and adaptability. Making it while being out of one’s comfort zone is a versatile skill much appreciated by employers. 

ACS ASOMI College of Sciences offers several abroad study programs, research projects, internships and lots more. ACS has partners, collaborators, and stakeholders worldwide and helps to build its students a solid basis for international networking

In other words

Whether it is about an entire study year, volunteering or even an internship – an abroad experience gives you much more than that. It provides you with a set of versatile skills and different practical know-how that might come in handy later in your professional and personal life.

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