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Top reasons to pursue an LLM – Master of Laws

By Asomi College of Sciences
Earning a master’s is always a good choice, and it opens one’s life up to a wide range of opportunities that improve one’s personal and professional life. In this article, ASOMI College of Sciences illustrates some reasons for gaining a master’s in Master of Laws, also known as LLM.

  • Well, first, one of the most important reasons for earning a master’s, whatever the discipline, is specialization. LLM is the opportunity for precisely doing that! In other words, when one studies law, the first graduation step is always quite generic, and it does not give the necessary background for students to know a specific area of this otherwise wide field. An LLM provides the students to find their area of interest and to become experts in it.
  • The step mentioned above helps people to expand their legal knowledge. One can learn the current law developments and to by staying updated.
  • Legal experience and the reputation of your law school are important factors but earning an LLM leads the graduates to an almost immediate boost in their career. One can furthermore develop their knowledge and skills that extend beyond the law so that they become immediately more desirable in the eyes of a recruiter.
  • If one is willing to upgrade their CV, getting an LLM degree is just what one needs. People who have maybe failed some necessary qualification tests or who have always dreamt of being more qualified in law are the ones to who this might sound appealing. Besides, a boost in CV means boosting self-confidence too!
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  • Pursuing an LLM might as well bring students closer to choosing an academic path. Usually, PhDs and postgraduate research need a master’s as one of their most crucial enrolment requirements. Therefore, a master’s is a step closer to a PhD and an academic career.
  • Besides choosing an academic career path, an LLM is a way to broaden one’s career perspectives. Even if it is not usually told explicitly, people owning a master’s degree have better job opportunities than people who do not own it. A specialization, especially when it matches with the company’s field, is always a helpful tool for finding a job. Besides, an LLM is of great help also when one wants to change their position.
  • Earning a masters is also an excellent chance for studying abroad. Many master’s programs are designed to study abroad and/or gain internship experience in a foreign country. This fact is positive for widening the students’ cultural knowledge and their future careers. Recruiters, for instance, are more willing to hire people with international experience since it usually means that the person they are hiring is open-minded and can adapt to the surrounding environment.
  • Network growing is another crucial value when it comes to an LLM. Of course, earning a degree in a subject of interest of a single student and numerous other people attending the same classes is a plus in network creation. Also, the academic staff is there to consult and making valuable contacts.

ASOMI College of Sciences is engaged in educational themes, including law. Besides, these are just some of the reasons for earning an LLM. The advantages go beyond the ones listed in this article. Self-fulfilment and success do not even have to be described because earning an extra degree are always rewarding.

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