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The study course in visual communication and graphic design

By Asomi College of Sciences

Graphic design and visual communication are two often separate concepts. Nevertheless, we from ACS ASOMI College of Sciences decided to unite these two notions and blend them in one revolutionary course in visual communication and graphic design.

These three academic years, 180 ECTS, online-delivered and the tutor-supported course is adorned with an exceptional internship with one of our international partners. The skills acquired during this course allow students to set up a versatile profile capable of foreseeing emerging trends and keeping up with the latest fashion. Lecturers soaked with academic and research experience are always at students’ disposal. 

To complete the frame of this multi-disciplined and creativity-oriented course, we offer the possibility of creating a professional network of solid international relationships and the use of practical, Avant-Garde digital tools.

The Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication and Graphic Design is the undergraduate study course that immediately puts you in contact with professionals in design. It foresees an internship right from the first year and includes innovative modules that deal with the themes of interaction design, digital design and social media communication. The classic graphic design tools meet the new communication rules of new media, making our students complete professionals ready for market demands.

The course aims to train future Visual Communicators and Graphic Designers with solid skills on communication topics and current graphics to foresee and anticipate the direction of future communication trends. The course also prepares students to understand the design of tangible products, in other words, product design. The aim is to have professionals that understand the dynamics of future projects. The latter is going to be increasing “liquid”, unforeseeable and changeable. Hardware, Graphics, and communication will have blurred boundaries in the future of design, which we are preparing our students for. Moreover, an efficient future designer will have to think about the ecosystem of the product in all its facets. And, since we are facing the climate crisis, future designers have to make their products as natural and environmentally friendly as possible. 

But, what is it all about and what about the outcomes in terms of working opportunities and the reasons of choosing the Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication and Graphic Design? First, let us clear one thing: people often think that graphic design and visual communication are the same. Of course, they belong to the same sphere, but there are some differences. Visual communication uses a broad range of tools to communicate with means that trigger sight. When you work in visual communication, you might want to know and use animation, illustration, graphic design, and photography altogether. A professional visual communicator knows how to use different software applications for representing their ideas.

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Visual communicators belong to a broad sphere; their areas of expertise might include advertising artists, web designers, animators, photographers, and even graphic designers themselves. Therefore, it is good to remember that visual designers might work in the movie and the advertising industry and that their category of application is quite broad.

While as graphic design is one of the categories belonging to the umbrella of visual communication. In graphic design, the designers can combine texts with images to convey a message. Graphic design focuses on designing graphic elements. After being created, people can deploy these images in print materials, marketing, or business advertising. The designers must know how to use Photoshop for their work. Even if there are plenty of opportunities, people who have studied graphic design usually work as UX (user experience) designers, visual designers, and publication designers. They typically work for websites, magazines, newspapers, marketing or advertising agencies and design artwork, posters, and logos. When dealing with a task in branding, graphic designers have to take into account the logo, the brand colours and the typography. Of course, the same goes for marketing, publishing and website designing (UX). Sometimes, graphic designers also have to take care of packaging- and product design. 

Hop on the board and enrol in our graphic design and visual communication course here. If not, keep yourself updated on our latest news because ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences is an innovative higher education institution that offers the most excellent student experience. 

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