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The fiftieth anniversary of cost action

By Asomi College of Sciences
ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences is a full participant of European COST Action. It is a European research programme that connects researchers and scientists all over the globe and brings them together to conduct innovative and community-approached research. Click here to read more about the European COST Action. COST Action is the leading networking programme in the European research area. COST action connects researchers from all over the globe. It began its activity in 1971, and now the European COST Action celebrates its fiftieth birthday. It started with 19 European countries, and currently, 39 states are involved. The first year, in 1971, there were seven cost actions; now, there are 291 cost actions. There were seven researchers, and now COST Action involves fifty thousand researchers. When COST Action was founded, it was deployed in several distinct research fields, and now the research is interdisciplinary, and it connects different areas of study. Of course, over fifteen years, COST Action has helped researchers to grow their careers through the implementation of other ideas. Thus, for the last fifty years, COST Action has been offering new networking tools and the flourishment of opportunities for researchers, scientists and all other people involved in the programme. Therefore, COST Action enables communication and networking. The information of networks continues beyond the COST Action; therefore, even once the research projects are over, the strong networks of researchers continue their existence. Some recent testimonials say that they began the COST Action in two thousand and eighteen, and after two years, the number of their research network grew from thirty to two hundred researchers. So, cost action has developedresearch, symbolising research-related values. These values are interdisciplinarity, inclusivity and COST Actions are bottom-up and open to everyone. COST Action has become the leading network programme in the European research area. Let’s look at some concrete examples of contributions that COST Action gave us.


Thanks to maths, cost action has helped implement innovative solutions for eighty organisations. To increase production, COST Action taught companies to improve their production. Furthermore, it also helped government and non-profit organisations to imply their resources in a better and more productive way. COST Actions mainly address real-life challenges.

Medical research.

COST also contributes to the European science policy in spreading its market. For instance, one of the COST Actions contributed to the acceleration progress of developing a European-based collaboration network. The COST Action is meant this collaborative network for the advancement and the acceleration of scientific, digital and commercialisation in Medical Microwave Imaging

Avoiding pandemics.

To avoid the spread of disease through physical contact – something that happens quite often in the medical field, a COST Action worked to reduce the distances and build a digital network in this field. This COST action plan helped the digital development of many pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and medical facilities to use technology and reduce cyber-attacks. 

Nobel prize.

A cost scientist was also awarded a Nobel prize in physics in 2019. It was about understanding the evolution in the universe and the earth’s place in the cosmos.

Biological materials.

COST Action gave a start-up grant and research ideas to buildings in Slovenia thanks to a cost action promoting the use of biological materials in construction.

In other words.

These were but some examples of contributions that COST Action gave to the world. Anyhow, ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences is glad to congratulate COST Action on its fiftieth birthday. We are also proud to take part in this initiative.

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