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Successful higher education educations institutions satisfy their students’ needs

By Asomi College of Sciences

Digitalisation and the constantly changing trends it brings about, have their influence on the labour market which impacts higher education system as well.

Indeed, to understand why and how colleges and universities should satisfy their students requirements, we have to start from analysing the current socioeconomic situation in Western countries.

Moreover, digitalisation has brought about a series of factors that have changed our society radically.

Marketing higher education.

In nowadays, the new marketing strategies have an extremely client-centred approach. Compared to 20 years ago, current marketing techniques do attract clients by just showing them some appealing ads.

Now, thanks to the digitalisation, data management and the fact that clients have unlimited access to information, today’s techniques are always more customised and client centred.

Just think on it: given two ordinary ecommerce websites, having the exact same products and prices, most people would choose to buy from the platform that has a better client service.

So, the second question would be, what do ecommerce clients usually need? They need a quick delivery service; they would most definitely need an efficient returning policy and a series of similar facilities.

In other words, now that everyone has an internet access, consumers have become more demanding. It is a normal everyday practice to google a product, a brand or a wholesaler.

The clients have also become more conscious and therefore the old marketing techniques do not work anymore. The clients need sincerity and since now their needs are at the first place, they have to be satisfied in all means.

It might seem that the academic world is much different from the marketing. It might also seem that  the education industry is needed in the entire world to the point that it does not need to be marketed.

Some might also believe that universities and colleges do not have to follow the market and digitalisation-related trends.

Unfortunately, they are wrong

ACS Successful higher education educations
Universities and colleges have to think like marketers.

As consumers all around the world are becoming more and more demanding and conscious, so are the learners. Moreover, higher education intuitions mustn’t forget that their clients are, indeed, students.

To get a better idea of the connection between those seemingly different worlds, higher education institutions should think on what students think and what are the steps in choosing the right university or college.

For instance, if you’re a student and know that a college or a university has a good reputation, you’re most likely to enrol. But not all higher education institutions are famous worldwide.

Therefore, if a college or an university offers a wide range of services and career paths that meet students’ needs, the chances that the number of enrolments will rise are higher.

So, again, let’s consider marketing. Ask yourself: what do brands usually do to improve their clients service? First of all, they hire new staff that is committed in caring about clients and satisfying their needs. So why not try it on students?

As students are higher education institutions clients, you must understand your learners’ requirements. It may seem difficult at the first point, but otherwise the enrolment rate is going to drop, and the students are most likely to choose another institution.

A few practical tips based on examples.

Nowadays there are also a lot of schools that are online that offer very good options even if they don’t have a physical classroom. Others to offer innovative options and even virtual reality or artificial intelligence-based systems for a more innovative teaching approach.

And again, there are colleges and universities using a blended method between the online and in-person lessons. Moreover, some institutions include job practice in their study paths so that students do not have to struggle when finding a job after their graduation.

But there are more ways to meet student’s needs. One of the most important ones is tutoring and mentoring. These practices are extremely important because they help students to find their path. Moreover, students can trust their tutors and mentors for issues that go beyond learning.

Another idea would be that of installing offices that offer help in bureaucratic and economic matters. The last but not least would be providing a metal health service that is free and available for both, students as well as educators and administration staff.

Making these services available also for the staff, shows that a college or university cares about their workers.

All the abovementioned techniques may seem expensive but they’re worth it. In our modern world it is almost impossible not to satisfy the clients.

ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences offers mentoring systems to its students. We moreover care about our students physical and mental health. If you’re interested to know more about our college, click here.

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