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Sigma 2021 – ASOMI College, Higher Education in cryptocurrency, blockchain and gaming

By Asomi College of Sciences
Dear readers, we are glad to announce that we from ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences took part in the SiGMA Europe conference. The SiGMA conference took place in Malta Fairs and Convention Centre from 15th to 19th November 2021 and was organized in collaboration with AIBC and AGS. Moreover, the SiGMA conference hosted also the second edition of a digital-tech conference, Mid-tech World, at the Hilton, Malta.

About SiGMA week

Malta Week allowed investors to stipulate delicate business deals and increase their opportunities to meet policymakers, suppliers, affiliates, operators, and thought leaders in the blockchain industry. Malta is, moreover, one of the most important hubs for digital business and innovation. Malta is an English-speaking island with rich historic sites and a wide range of entertainment and leisure facilities.

Since there is more and more need for proper knowledge in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, an ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences team took part at the SiGMA Europe conference in Malta precisely for that: for creating appropriate interactions between the blockchain, gaming, cryptocurrency-related topics, and the academic field. Now, more than ever, the labour markets worldwide need skilled people in the abovementioned areas.

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Why do blockchain, crypto and gaming collaborate with the academic field?

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as the competition in this area, are skyrocketing. Given that it is a new tendency and that many people are sceptical or just not informed on the topic, it is often quite difficult for an outsider to understand what it is all about. Moreover, those who are seriously interested in the case might find it difficult to get informed. These people might as well get informed on the web by reading blogs and consulting peering groups, but often even the best heads in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields have no official certificate to prove they own these skills.

Since blockchain allows secure online transactions, it is still not controlled by anyone; in fact, what differentiates it from the banks is that a third party is not involved. That implies the continuous need for security and other specific skills to manage cryptocurrencies and the blockchain system. Besides, the continuing education and comprehension of the blockchain would help to improve the safety and protection of this decentralized currency. It is difficult to regulate it globally, and it also has no owner – which is a worrying aspect for many.

Well, that is where higher education institutions come into the arena. The current market needs educated people in these sectors – but not enough universities and colleges are offering MSc and MBAs in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Moreover, the blockchain and cryptocurrency field is widely adopted in gaming, specifically the iGaming, industry.

The technology implied by gaming would allow higher education institutions to deploy it in learning: virtual reality and artificial intelligence are the new ways for learning which are expected to become more learner-centric and involved. Just as games involve gamers by using these technologies – also the students can be involved in the learning process by a hands-on approach. For instance, VR and AI are already in use in medical studies where surgeries can be performed with the help of the technologies mentioned above. Another example would be helpful for architecture students; just think about Minecraft: a game that would allow learners to understand how the buildings are built, block after block.

The contribute of ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences

Therefore, ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences aims to provide students with the best education opportunities combined with the most wanted subject areas. These subject areas should have a wide range of working as well as economic opportunities. Therefore, ACS is constantly updated on blockchain and cryptocurrency related topics. ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences aims to deepen the dialogue between the fintech and academic world. The world thrives on academic and official teachings in cryptocurrency and blockchainrelated areas. New study programmes, allowing the technology, AI, and VR to be deployed as tools, are being customized to the needs of every individual student.

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