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NFT and blockchain MBA

By Asomi College of Sciences

Reasons for pursuing a degree in the nft and blockchain technology

Probably you’ve all heard about NFTs, ultimately, they’re all around discussions on media and elsewhere. But first, what exactly are NFTs? NTFS stay for non-fungible tokens.

NFTs may be basically anything going from tangible to intangible items, such as real-life pieces of art or virtual real estate.

The blockchain system stores these digital assets, making their management reliable since the third party between the seller and the buyer is missing. 

NFTs: the main characteristics

One of the main benefits of the blockchain system, in this case, is that each item can be traced back to its original issuer, limiting the circulation of replicas. No two NFTs are identical, meaning that, unlike Bitcoins, the NFTs cannot be exchanged with one another

  • They’re verifiable: since they can be traced back to their original creator, they don’t need a third for an extra verification; just think about the verifiability of artwork.
  • They’re indivisible: you cannot divide NFTs like bitcoins.
  • They’re noninteroperable: the various tokens and characters can’t be used on other games. For example, you cannot use a Blockchain Heroes card in the CryptoKitties game.
  • They’re indestructible: because they’re stored in the blockchain, each NFT can’t be destroyed, removed or replicated.

So, there are many features for which the NFTs are the right choice; for instance, the art world has a lot of replicas, and NFTs avoid all that.

Not just art

As told before, these items are not only about art, since the NFTs have revolutionized the gaming and collectable space. People can buy and sell NFTs and make money from them. Gamers can trade virtual real estate, costumes and avatars, all digital and intangible.

But, for artists to sell digital artwork to the entire globe without having to intermediate with a gallery or an auction is the best option. Besides, the creators can program royalties to receive a percentage on every artwork.

Where their value comes from

NFTs have value because of their high supply and demand relationship. There’s a high demand for NFTs in the gaming, collecting, art and investing fields. Some have the potential to make their owners a lot of money: digital real estate and racing tracks. The owner(s) of these racing tracks also gain on the tickets they sell to the races and every time a race takes place on their virtual track. We’re living in a digital world full of digital assets.

Now that you have a more straightforward overview of the NFTs, a million-dollar question: why should anyone want to study it and anyone willing to do it, which should be the basis for learning it all?

One might have pursued a career in other disciplines such as economy or law and might already be working. In this case, a perfect match would be seeking an MBA in NFTs and blockchain.

MBA in NFTs and blockchain

What is more, these two strictly intertwined topics allow the students to explore blockchain technology by having an in-depth focus on the NFTs. Of course, to deliver a programming course on NFTs, blockchain is a topic that has to be studied first. That is why one should concentrate first on blockchain and then on NFTs.

Moreover, the exciting aspect of NFTs is that – whether tangible or not – they’re not limited to pieces of art or items for gaming or collecting; there’s a lot more. There’s a whole community behind NFTs, and that is why the most expensive NFTs have some exclusive options that other NFTs don’t have. So people are not buying NFTs just to own a piece of art but also to be part of exclusive online communities that offer them access to theme groups or give them another kind of exclusive feature.

What is more, the stakeholders must also consider where and precisely in which NFT to invest. So, studying NFTs could become handy when considering which NFTs to invest in and how it all works. Of course, some financial background is always welcome in these cases, and MBAs are usually attended by people who already have field-specific work experience.

ASOMI College: NTF-and blockchain MBA

The ASOMI College of Sciences programme courses always include at least a one-year internship. However, having a solid academic background in a topic with a lot of confusion and amatorial courses is what makes the difference. Besides, having little to some experience working with NFTs represents another critical requirement for employers seeking people who would manage or work with NFTs and blockchain technology. Indeed, the NTF-and blockchain MBA is no exception: the training takes place at our partnering institutions in Malta, Italy or all over Europe.

So, if you’re seeking a solid academic background that includes an internship and which is accredited, then ACS ASOMI College of Sciences is, by no doubt, one of the most excellent choices. Keep an eye on and stay updated by checking our innovation and technology department.

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