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New Trends in Graphic Design

By Asomi College of Sciences
The 2021 web and app design foresee a series of innovative techniques and trends. Some of them are already well-known to us, with old motifs reinterpreting their usual patterns, but with a modern twist. In the meanwhile, there are other, more innovative upcoming tendencies that make the design landscape even more trendy. ASOMI College of Sciences has pointed out the hottest trends in the 2021 web and app design scenery.

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  • The first one to mention is undoubtedly the3D technique. 3d design is not quite new but it is getting better and better in quality and the application of techniques. Augmented and virtual reality in high-performance apps and web design, the availability of different software, and the widespread use of the internet by users are all factors that allow designers to use more and more 3D techniques. Lifelike and visually attractive figures have a stunning effect on the viewer.
  • Secondly, when it comes to 3D, the 3D typographydesign is, with no doubt, a good possibility for pushing the 3D further for even more playful ideas. It does not matter whether its style is geometric or organic, the 3D typography is evolving more than ever before.
  • Thirdly, while still talking about 3D, the use of individual, narrow-lined shapes for composing larger geometrically aligned contents, is the case of the use of geometric shapesin the design landscape. But it is not only about strong outlines of smaller, individual geometrical shapes forming a larger overall theme, but this kind of composition, influenced by the infographics, gives the way to iconic illustrations. Abstract and simple geometric designs look professional and concrete. Besides, combined with 3D, geometric shapes seem to come into life.
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  • What is more, one of the main newest design novelties for 2021 is precisely composed of 3D geometrical squared shapes, the so-called voxel art. The voxel art design is much like the videogames in the Eighties used to be, pixeled and simple. Everything seems to be made of Lego blocks; moreover, voxel images are in 3D; or, at least, they are the 2d version of a 2D pixel. Voxel is childish and retro, but it gives the images that bit of innovative and modern look you might have been looking for.
  • Moreover, whether 3D or not, design has to keep the viewer’s attention; thus, optical illusion designis one of the ways to do it. A coming trend in the 2021 design landscape, designers can play with optical illusions as long as they want to. People viewing them often feel the need to figure these illustrations out and it usually takes them some time for doing it. But this exactly what makes optical illusions so attractive. Besides, 3D can be used for optical illusions as well. 
  • When talking about strong optical effects, chaos typographyis one of them. It might be taken as nostalgic or something belonging to the art nouveau epoch, but the Typography design in 2021 is all about another perspective, the typography chaos. That is, the mixed order of letters and words with unproperly aligned the text. In other words, these are the pratincoles of chaos typography. 
  • Chaos or not, the design aims to generate feelings, and what a better way to do it than with emoticons. Emojis serve for communication and they encourage interaction. A winking face at the end of an email or other emojis creates a mood of lightness. Emojis are more likely to gain even more importance over the next few years. For their wide use, the use of emojis is going to be always more creative and, by the way, there are more and more emojis in 3D.
  • After mentioning emojis, the use of cartoon illustrationsin web and app design cannot go unnoticed. These illustrations allow you to be minimalistic but also fun and innovative. You can choose between multiple techniques and motifs. Besides, customized cartoon characters are part of another upcoming trend. Everyone enjoys cartoon illustrations; besides, they are multifunctional: besides designing websites and apps, they can be used for business cards, social media posts, and lots more.
  • Natural printsincluding leaves, flowers, grass, and more are becoming popular again. They are all about minimalist design and colors creating natural settings. It is no wonder that, after the Covid-19 lockdown and long periods spent in closed spaces, people feel the need for nature. Besides, nature-inspired designs are suitable for all markets and products. When it comes to colors, blue seems to be the dominating tone within natural prints.
  • Speaking of color, golddominates the 2021 design landscape. The gold design gives a luxurious touch and feels to the overall atmosphere. Even if metallic effects in design have always been popular, gold is that evergreen effect that adds always a touch of elegance. Long popular in product design, it gives products that luxurious and expensive feel. It can be mixed also with other materials to give a modern touch. 
  • Now, it must be noticed that the modern design has been using limited color palettes for a while. Limited color palettes are influenced in part from one, or a maximum of two tones or colors only. Therefore, their use allows designers to create a homogeneous background while still letting them use tricks of design technology in their illustrations. As people are spending more and more time in front of computers, tablets, and cellphone screens, monochrome or duotoneillustrations give a harmonious sense to who is looking at them.
  • And, finally, the last but not the least 2021 web-and app design trend is colorless. Bright colors are a way to attract attention, but in a world where everything is colored, a clever technique is to remain black and white and thus, colorless. Colorless design is charming, it gives people a sense of nostalgia and it is softer for the eyes. Besides, it works also with soft sepias, thus not just with black and white.

In other words

2021 foresees a lot of interesting and new trends in the design landscape. The choice is broad, varying from voxel art to typography to cartoon illustrations and geometric shapes, and much more. Whatever the style, innovation, and creativity are the winning attitudes.

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