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How an MBA degree will be a game-changer for your career

By Asomi College of Sciences

Master of Business Administration or, in other words, an MBA is a postgraduate degree for business people with a few years of professional experience, allowing them to become extremely competitive in the business world. Getting an MBA might seem a great expense at first sight, but the raise in salary it provokes is usually worth it. People usually get an MBA for working in a landing management position, earning more money, and the internationality that MBA programs provide.

First of all, an MBA degree improves your professional position and your career. For instance, let’s consider that an MBA is an opportunity to work in a good and relevant position for world-known brands. It is not only about the prestige of working for businesses such as Amazon, Apple, L’Oréal and many more but also about occupying an important role in such important companies. Multinational firms like this have a very high job request. They obviously only choose only the best candidates for roles that include decision making, business managing, and other affairs connected to the company. MBA programs are designed for the current labour market. They are always competitive when it comes to the business world and, especially, filling in the gap between academic studies and real-life work. A high percentage of fresh graduates get their highly paid first job – or the so-called after-graduation-job, since the majority of MBA students have at least two years’ experience – in less than three months after graduation, often in important companies worldwide. It is a privilege for ASOMI College of Sciences to develop innovative MBAs anticipating market trends.

In fact, when it comes to “highly paid jobs”, this is one of the main factors for getting an MBA degree. Nowadays, higher education is closer to the people than ever before; in fact, more and more people are always enrolling to pursue a college degree – no matter if a Bachelor or a Masters’. The high competitiveness makes it difficult to survive in the current scenario where the general situation is always more controlled by technology and finance, or the so-called fintech industry. Thus, there is no better way of remaining updated and being competitive than pursuing an MBA, which – by being concentrated exactly on business administration and managing skillsraises your salary significantly. MBA degrees are so highly appreciated that people with an MBA are paid much more than the average employees who work in the business field but don’t have an MBA. Moreover, this is exactly why most business people decide to enrol for an MBA – to improve their career perspective for getting a higher salary. An MBA degree is by no doubt an investment, but it’s worth it since this investment will pay itself off with the salary earned after graduation. Thus, ASOMI College of Sciences believes in developing effective higher education programs by empowering the potential of specific niches to satisfy both the students and their future employers.
Pursuing an MBA opens a lot of wonderful chances for international exchanges. First, there are several MBA programs worldwide; the most ranking ones are in the US, but there are also many other prestigious MBAs worldwide. For instance, besides Harvard, Pennsylvania University and Sandford in the US, the most prominent are HEC, Insead and Ceibs – respectively in France, Singapore, and China.

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Moreover, no matter the county you choose, you are still more likely to have an international experience useful for your personal and professional life. It is well known that employers prefer people who have done internships and/or other initiatives such as research projects aboard to candidates who do not have this much to write on their CVs. ASOMI College of Sciences provides several internships, collaborations and research projects worldwide as well as online. If you are pursuing an MBA in your country of birth or residence – don’t worry – MBA programs have thought on that too. In fact, the second-year program usually foresees a series of internships and abroad experiences. Usually, the programs are tailored for students by allowing them to design their own career paths by participating in projects in their chosen countries.

No matter the case, an MBA degree helps people improve their job experience and their careers and, especially, their income. MBA graduates tend to have higher salaries, and they also tend to be highly rated in the current competitive labour market. An MBA offers you several international on-camp experiences in different companies worldwide, which are undoubtedly a plus for employers and the students’ personal growth. Pursuing an MBA might have high costs, but it’s still an investment to brighten your future.

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