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Dario Silvestri and his innovative higher education institution – ACS

By Asomi College of Sciences

Dario Silvestri is an entrepreneur who creates innovative models in academic training, and he moreover makes investments in the latter field and the health services sector. He is also a performance coach, which has allowed him to work with CEOs from international corporations and with top athletes from Serie A and premier league football. Silvestri is now focused on Malta, setting up his innovative higher education institution: ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences

What ACS is about

The collaboration between international students and local institutions is the key to the innovative tertiary educational model founded by Dario Silvestri – the innovative approach to higher education of ACS is about synergy, partnerships, and internationality

Maltese islands might seem a peculiar location (choice) for a higher education institution. Indeed, Silvestri confirms that he has always felt strongly related to islands in general, and he values Malta’s internationality. It is a place with an exciting history. Its multicultural atmosphere and geographically strategic position make it unique to the point to draw the attention of an international audience that becomes wider and wider. It is already becoming a central place for international conferences and education, and therefore, the innovation will undoubtedly kick of ff from there. These are but a few qualities that make Malta is the perfect fit for ACS

Innovation and change

Silvestri is sure capable of bringing about a change. He recently earned an award from the Italian Chamber of Deputies (Camera deiDeputati) in Italian institutions. It was given to Silvestri for the innovative development of change as a positive concept and not as a difficulty

Moreover, Dario Silvestri is the author of a bestseller entitled “The Power of Change”. He has several notorious clients, such as Giorgio Chiellini – the captain of Juventus and the Italian national football team. 

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Functionality and academic knowledge

ACS is a one-of-a-kind higher education institution because it is a compromise between the traditional academic path and the practical professional world. In other words, it connects the practical side of the labour market, with its unique demands and skills, to the academic and educational side. Several changes are happening in the labour market, and the latter is happening at lightning speed, not to mention the gap between the labouring world and instruction. The ongoing digital revolution has requested people with exceptional knowledge and practical skills in a rapidly changing market. Therefore, this gap has to be filled by giving a quick, practical and versatile set of skills and knowledge.

Providing practical solutions to the areas of the market is the goal of ACS. But it is not a piece of cake, as it is pretty challenging to keep up with high college-levelled academic standards and the needs of an ever more demanding market. Therefore, ACS continuously prepares its students by giving them solid backgrounds, knowledge, and practical skills in the degree programmes attended by the learners. All this is done through the development of global education.

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When it comes to global education, the commitment at international levels has helped numerous development and training opportunities. Given that, the latter can attend the campuses and practices in Europe and partake in internships and collaborations. That consists of an innovative and international as well as dynamic tertiary education institution with a Maltese base.

Even if the college has an international approach, it remains concentrated on the student-mentor relationship. What is fundamental is that at the core of ACS, there are the students and the staff. That is an important aspect that will lead the students to professional and personal development and fulfilment. In this way, the students will have a valuable role in society. Moreover, the lecturers are all highly talented people, so that they will add extra value to the college in their niche.


This new way of learning may sound quite daring, but Silvestri will not stop until he has reached his goal. He hopes that ACS graduates will become future leaders who push themselves beyond national borders to achieve their professional and personal goals and dreams.

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