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Cryptocurrency in Higher Education

By Asomi College of Sciences

The higher education field is incorporating a new and necessary discipline; that of Cryptocurrency and blockchain. Courses based on this knowledge help students in finding a job; whilst the universities and colleges raise and ameliorate the variety of their study programs. 

The rising demand

The world is currently undergoing a rising demand in Cryptocurrency and blockchain, including the demand for experts in these areas. The industry demand for Cryptocurrency and blockchain-related financial dynamics is rising every day, and this is the need for people who can analyze and manage these topics properly. Moreover, the migration of data from traditional financial institutions to blockchain-based organizations has proven to be unstoppable.

Therefore, all this causes the increase in the need for Cryptocurrency or blockchain-based study areas in higher education. Besides, students of cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems are relatable to the number of students already owning cryptocurrencies. The latter refers to the fact that also students themselves seem to be quite interested in Cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems. 

The first example from higher education

There are, although, some universities and colleges having specific programs and courses aimed at learning Cryptocurrency and blockchain systems. For instance, the first course of this kind was held in 2014 at the New York University Stern School of Business by David Yermack, the finance department head. Back at the time, it was more about teaching theories belonging to the topic at hand. Several universities and colleges offer this kind of program, mainly in the United States and in countries such as China.

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This includes the opportunity to study cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems. Indeed, the number of students willing to apply to this kind of program has risen significantly over the past years. Moreover, Cryptocurrency is not just a topic – at least not anymore – now. It is about preparing students for their future on all sides, including the practical one. Indeed, the technology used in the blockchain is surprisingly already well-known and, what is more, this kind of education opens doors to a variety of job opportunities. As said before, the technology applied in blockchain technology is not new: it is based on game theory, distributed systems, and cryptography – all topics have been around for a while and have been the subject of both research as education.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are highly adaptive and interdisciplinary topics

Moreover, as already mentioned, the industry demand is high for professional knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency systems. This, in its turn, allows this knowledge to be applied in different sectors. And it is precisely for its high adaptability that blockchain and cryptocurrency-based courses and programs are interdisciplinary, varying from finance and computer science to anthropology and other social sciences. This creates not only a vast demand for these courses among the students but also among recruiters. Thus, it is impossible to have a hard time searching for a job with a set of knowledge and skills in Cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency in ACS

ACS ASOMI College of Sciences keeps an eye on the latest progress and developments in this matter. It is currently willing to insert cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems in its study programs. Click here to find out which are the currently available disciplines!

In other words

Courses aimed at teaching blockchain and Cryptocurrency are now much clearly appreciated by students and industrial factors. It is a highly recommended topic evaluated by all disciplines and can be a good skill when searching for a job.

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