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Changing factors and disruptors in higher education

By Asomi College of Sciences
In today’s modern world, higher education institutes have to consider many different factors, such as climate change, technology, and other kinds of disruptors.

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Climate change, for instance, is a factor that must be taken into consideration when it comes to all kinds of institutions, including the one of higher education. For instance, universities could introduce resources such as solar panels for renewable energy. Moreover, universities and colleges should keep their recycling rate high; besides, ordering raw material for preparing meals for school canteens from local small farmers would reduce the negative impact on nature. ASOMI College of Sciences respects the environment and nature and adapts ways for reducing their impact on nature. The intellectual capital should provide realistic solutions for bringing about a change. Universities should pay a key role in tackling climate change.

Once more, technology plays an important role in our everyday lives and the higher education field. Educational technology is not only about having an official website of a college or a university, and it is not just about digital libraries. For instance, also the textbooks should be digital, and the possible solutions for balancing the textbooks digitally are moving into ERP systems or using cloud-based structures. ACS Asomi College of Sciences uses innovative technological means to provide the best possible service for its users. It might be worrying for their impact on nature, but server farms are more environmentally aware than average systems used for storing data in a university or a college. This makes the technological option the best one for everyone.

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Finally, other disruptors and changing factors that higher education must deal with are undoubtedly the world pandemics’ politics and big realities. The closure of universities and colleges due to the Coronavirus pandemics has enabled big multinational companies such as Google or Microsoft, to become important for higher education. Higher institutes have conducted lessons on Google Meet or Microsoft Teams since the beginning of the COVID-19 emergency, which saw most of the world locked down for months. ASOMI College of Sciences provides online  lessons which can be followed from everywhere and at any time without the need to cope with lockdowns or similar restrictions. Colleges and universities worldwide have been using web-platforms belonging to big online realities companies to cope with the world pandemics.

Higher education institutes must consider multiple factors, including climate change and technology. Coronavirus pandemics has it that they have to collaborate with big multinational companies such as Google or Microsoft to continue providing lessons to their students or for internal communication.

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